APSCA Current Events

2019 Events

Next Generation Cards

15-16 October, 2019 | Singapore

Digital Commerce Asia Pacific

23-24 January, 2019 | Renaissance Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur

How Asian markets are combining contactless payments, mobile proximity “Pays”, QR code-based mobile payments from banks, payment schemes, Internet giants and Fintechs to build new commerce ecosystems for online, in-store, in-app and face-to-face commerce.

  • Mobile Payments Solved?
  • QR Codes: Converging Online and Off-Line Payments
  • Mobile Payments without Mobile Commerce?
  • What's Next for Mobile NFC Payments?
  • Avoiding Fragmentation in Mobile Payments

2018 Events

Digital Payments South Asia

13-14 November, 2018 | LaLiT Mumbai

The only industry event covering all the opportunities for converting cash transactions to digital payments in the world’s fastest growing payments market.

  • Mobile Payments Solved?
  • Digital IDs, Virtual Payment Addresses, QR Codes
  • Interoperability for Mobile Wallets
  • Success with Contactless Payments
  • Avoiding Fragmentation in Mobile Payments

5th Border Management and Identity Conference

11-13 December, 2018 | Bangkok

The largest gathering of National Government Authorities including Immigration, Identity, Border Control, Civil Registration, Customs, population management and other agencies with responsibilities in the area of Border and Identity Management in Asia.

  • Attended by decision-makers from government and development agencies from over 50 government agencies from 42 countries.
  • THE BEST opportunity to meet government delegates responsible for border management, secure documents and identity management in Asia!
  • Engage with government officials from relevant authorities responsible for delivering public sector services and benefits to citizens and residents.
  • The business mecca for experts in border and identity management.

Powered and Next-Generation Cards 2018

17-18 July, 2018 | Singapore

The only industry forum exploring the next evolution in the payment and identity card business. Issuers, card schemes and industry experts from 15+ markets discuss rapidly changing business and technology factors.

Transport Payments Asia Pacific

06-07 June, 2018 | Hanoi

The leading forum on latest developments and thought leadership in transport revenue collection and management in the Asia Pacific region.

Transport Payments South Asia 2018

22-23 February, 2018 | New Delhi

This year the conference shifts focus to helping stakeholders develop an implementation roadmap for 21st century transport payments.

2017 Events

Powered and Next-Generation Cards

01 November, 2017 | Singapore

Experts discuss best practices for designing, manufacturing and bringing to market the next generation of intelligent powered payment and identity cards with displays, connectivity, biomatric support and more...

Visa Technology Partner Forum

31 October, 2017 | Singapore

8th Asian Payment Card Forum

21-22 September, 2017 | Mumbai

Asia’s largest gathering of card issuers and acquirers, domestic bank card networks, international payment systems, mobile payment companies and e-payment services providers that meet to explore best practices for driving the consumer payment.

10th Transport Revenue & Data Management Forum

23-24 May, 2017 | Singapore

Asia's leading forum for transport revenue collection, transport data and information services, attended by transport operators, smart ticketing schemes, transport authorities and e-payment service providers.

ID4Africa 2017

26-28 April, 2017 | Namibia

ID4Africa 2017 will be hosted by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration (MHAI) of the Government of Namibia. The annual forum and expo focuses on digital identity and its application for driving socio-economic development in Africa.

Enhancing CX with Digital Commerce

08 March, 2017 | Tokyo

Improving retail CX, engaging customers through digital/mobile channels, integrating online payments, device-based commerce, mobile proximity payments,  NFC & RFID in retail, the Internet of (retail & payment) things.

Transport Payments South Asia

23-24 February, 2017 | New Delhi

With the opening of APSCA India we are launching a new forum focused specifically on the enormous and rapidly developing transport payments market in South Asia. The event will focus on the business and technology decisions for transport revenue collection.

Innovate Finance & Payment Expo 2017

16-17 January, 2017 | Taiwan

Innovate Finance & Payment Expo 2017 will focus on the latest in FinTech developments, secure payment innovations, successful business models for consumer payments and the future roadmap for innovative digital payments in Taiwan.